Center of Hope

A Community Center for the Recovery of Flint
In a city that helped build America, hope is often in short supply. Jobs are scarce – violence, illiteracy, and crime are on the rise. Young people are being raised in a an environment of poverty and despair. Foreclosures and anxiety, joblessness and poverty – all contributors to depression and domestic violence – are destroying families. Funding has diminished for medical care and housing assistance to aid aging veterans and individuals on fixed incomes who have expensive prescriptions and growing medical bills. Clearly, help is needed. The Center for Hope is the beginning of a new path for recovery, offering case management and access to counseling and mental health services; substance use disorder treatment and recovery services; housing assistance and referrals for food and furniture; and a place to sit and play cards after a shower and a hot meal. The Center for Hope offers just that – hope for each new day that comes, for a city that won’t give up and the individuals and families who live here.

…You can help
What would you give to make your family safe, bring peace of mind to someone you love, or make a change in a community that is crying out with the weight of its overwhelming need? By helping us bring life to the Center for Hope, you will help bring life to veterans and the homeless, families and young people who are living a life without hope, without a future. All of the services offered at the Center for Hope are available free of charge – from the diapers and soap in the Community Closet to the lunch in the Soup Kitchen and the blanket in the Warming Center – providing help for those in need and hope for a community that is making its way back.

The project involves a planned $5.5 million renovation of the site, centrally located in downtown Flint in the former St. Michael School Building, now the Center for Hope, on Fifth Avenue, west of Saginaw Street. The building has already been assessed for future life and the planned renovations will have a lengthy service life.

Anyone can join us to restore Hope in our community, changing one life at a time.

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