Addiction Services

For information, call 810-232-9950.

Substance Use Assessments – Persons may use this service to verify the presence or absence of substance use disorders. Assessments are confidential and impartial. Each assessment will be accompanied by a list of treatment recommendations as necessary or appropriate, by our experienced and professional staff.

Driver’s License Assessment – This assessment is conducted for individuals seeking to ave their driver’s license reinstated following a suspension or revocation. Clients are able to use this assessment, and subsequent recommendations, as part of the reinstatement process. The assessment may include recommendations for a return of driving privileges with or without restrictions or continued suspension or revocation.

Extensive Outpatient Services – These services are structured to provide an increased level of care to those clients having difficulty abstaining from substance use. Treatment occurs in a safe, secure, and encouraging environment of a group of three or more people, three times a week, for three hours each day. This program is ideal for those who do not need the intensity of a residential treatment program, but who would still benefit from individualized support.

Health Professionals Recovery Program – Tailored to assist professionals in the health care field who suffer from a substance use disorder, this program supports the client in a healthy recovery process, so that they may return to work. Both individual and group therapy sessions are offered to assist with recovery skills development, to ensure safety for both the client and the public whom they serve. Professionals may refer themselves, or may be referred by the State of Michigan.

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